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Dec 28, 2009 6:00am EST
and wife eva longoria singing -- >> "summer loving." >> well, they want people to send in your videos for a chance to win spurs tickets. >> i'm going to give him credit. he's not shy about looking silly. >> but he's married to eva longoria. >> pretty much can do whatever he wants. >> she's as cute as they come. >> you can go to tony's website. >> thanks, rafer. >>> police say ivana trump was taken off a plane after she got angry about some children who were running and screaming in the aisle. the ex-wife of donald trump was flying from palm beach, florida, to new york. authorities say she cursed at a the children and became more aggravated when flight attendants tried to calm her down. no charges were filed. got calm charges were filed. >>> let's take a look at today's morning papers for you in case you haven't had a chance yet. the new york times is reporting the u.s. seems to be quietly opening a new front against al qaeda. the newspaper says the cia has sent fuel agents to yemen and cites they've been training in military tactics. >>> they've been succeeding at keeping u.s.
Dec 30, 2009 6:00am EST
antonio spurs married to eva longoria. >> when you say that. >> name dropper. >> a celebrity couple. eva longoria is from that show, he's from the team. so they took to the internet this holiday season to create a parody. i don't know why they did this from the movie "grease." this is what happens when you marry a celebrity who has these kinds of broadway hangups and you go along with it. let's watch a little of eva longoria and tony parker doing "grease." ♪ tell me more tell me more >>> you hate to see that. >> you really do. isn't there like some stinging sex tape? >> he's going to get a lot of heat from that san antonio spurs locker now that this is public. coming up andrea mitchell helps us look through the must read opinion pages. you're watching "morning joe." >> mellow jam. >> by starbucks. ♪ [ female announcer ] get the taste of a home-cooked meal at work with new marie callender's homestyle creations. marie callender's homestyle creations -- a little touch of home for lunch. ids laughing grandmother: who wants to go homeanother lap?ons -- kidsgorandma, go fasr! vo: manage yo
Dec 31, 2009 9:00am EST
support from eva longoria, bringing in 2010 in her new las vegas latin steak house restaurant with some friends. >> very excited to do a countdown here from vegas on fox and it's going to be a really fun night. it's going to be downstairs, upstairs, great music and just an amazing view of city center an fountains and an amazing night. >> reporter: expect the host to be dressed for the occasion. >> i'm actually hosting the speech party at mandala bay and we'll get to sea the ball drop in times square. >> reporter: and there will be a lot of surprises and a look back at what made '09 so memorable. >> we're counting down the most memorable moments. also the top 5 moments in television, movies and music. so we'll get to see a lot of live performances from some of our favorite artists. maybe brittany spears, lady ga ga, a few of our favorite girls. [ music ] >> reporter: check out the celebration thursday night on fox. in hollywood, anita vogle, fox news. >> and the party starts tonight at 11:00 on fox 5. >>> this morning we're looking back on the best movies of 2009. there was no short
Dec 26, 2009 7:00am EST
loving happened to fast ♪ >>> okay san antonio basketball player and his wife eva longoria put this spoof together, because "grease" is their favorite musical. you've got to lip sink and be in costume and they're going to pick their favorite video and they're going to give the winner free tickets to see the san antonio spurs play in person. you have until the end of january to get your video in. and you can enter on tony parker's website. uh-huh, uh-huh. that's sports. i'm joe carter. >>> a woman who almost died from a heart attack wants to make sure that doesn't happen to anyone else. how she is trying to teach women to do the right thing before it's too late. on board the northwest flight describe what they went through. >> what we heard at the beginning was a bang. it sounded first like a balloon being popped, and then -- and then there was a minute later, there was a lady shouting back, and she was saying things like, "what are you doing, what are you doing?" and then we looked back, there was a struggle, i think it was about five rows back on the left of where we were sitting,
Dec 7, 2009 5:00am EST
eva longoria at the vegas opening of the restaurant fako. >>> we have heard of project runway but washington has turned its stilettos to project funway. they report three of the areas young and talented budding denies put on a show competing for a scholarship to fashion school. a freshman won the prize. >>> well, what have your cameras caught lately? want me to share it on the air? visit my 9 news interactive blog at oh my to fine out how to enlist in my army of community reporter and watch my morning report. visit oh my and find me on facebook, >>> the salvation army bell ringers are a signature of the holiday season. collecting donation for the needy time of the year. but have you ever stopped to think of the people who ring those bells and wonder what motivates them to help others. one holiday bell ringer tells her own story. >> hello there, guys. merry christmas. you are in the spirit today. my name is diane eubanks. i'm here working for the salvation army. we are taking in donations for the needy and homeless. thank you very much. >> i'm
Dec 31, 2009 7:00am EST
at mand lay bay. eva longoria is also part of the show and carmen says she's ready for the party. >> i'm not nervous, i'm more excited because i love american idol and kris allen is performing and finalist allison along with shawn kingston. so there is a lot going on. the pressure is not just on me. >> the party by the way starts tonight at 11:00 right here on fox 5. and i know she said as well there will be a lot of women in bikinis for anybody who likes that sort of thing. >> she specified that a couple of times in the interview. women in bikinis. >> that's all you need to know here on fox. >>> 32 degrees and freezing rain. just ahead on fox 5 morning news, as we close out 2009, we look back at the big stories that shaped the last ten years and that's next. >>> and the latest weather and traffic for you. remember realtime updates are coming for you as they can be found on keep it right here and we'll have an update after the break.  >>> welcome back, everyone, on this thursday. this is a live look at northwest on this new year's eve and a messy new year's eve it i
Dec 15, 2009 9:00am EST
the world economy i think it is going to be very important. >> yes. even eva longoria is hiring as she opens her nightclub. massive retail city center. 500,000-square too shopping center which includes everything from different any to the largest louis vuitton store in america. room race discounted. book mid week for $149. that's above average. the las vegas convention and visitors authority says the average room rate in october, latest month, figures for, just under $100. down 14% from a year ago but $ better than september. visitor volume was up 4% in october from a year ago. gaming revenue on the strip down 10%. richard ellis projects las vegas over the next year could see revenues improve 3% to 7%. if it can have the impact of the others did ten years ago, positives outweigh the negatives. join us on "power lunch" and have the ceo of louis vuitton north america to talk about high end retail here, now, and why. >> i am looking forward to that, jane. looks like a gore just day there. thanks to jane. let's talk about whether the city center is a start-up of a vegas comeback or a s
Dec 21, 2009 7:00am EST
looks amazing. the thing is and also eva longoria. what you don't want to do is if you have something you're trying to hide like a round stomach, it's going to pick up all the light at all the wrong areas. stay away from shine in that instance. >> i learned that pay hard way. the diva thing. >> let's go to leather. is it a do or don't? >> well,s you can see, leather leggings with a leather jacket and leather earrings is too much leather. it's you should be getting off your harley-davidson. if your kate moss you wear it as a dress and keep the hair and makeup simple. you don't want to overdoit. and angelina jolie looking phenomenal. that's definitely a do. >> who is that? >> angelina jolie. >> she can pull it off. >> lastly, ly gaga was a trend-setter. is she a do or don't? >> she was the biggest do of the 2009. i'll tell you why. when she was stephanie with brown hairdressing simply, nobody new who she was -- >> that's not a do. >> that's a do if you're on stage and you want to be known and take risks. we can all learn something from her. >> it doesn't bothers me. it bewilde
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Dec 23, 2009 7:59pm EST
years ago today. that's the fox report for this christmas eva longoria, wednesday, december 23, 2009, i'm john scott in for shepard smith. thanks for having us into your home. we'll be back tomorrow, 12 pacific, 3:0 e
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9